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The reward after an hour hike from the city 😉


香港山峰 – 摩星嶺 Mount Davis

摩星嶺其實都係一撻好值得參觀既地方, 香港維港兩個入口一東一西,
不過就因為咁而可以睇到更raw 更自然既歷史遺物!

西環 -> 域多利道 ->



22.277084° N 114.124968° E


除此之外就仲有好多野睇, 就圍行下睇下咁啦,
45-60mins 搞掂成個area!

The Hong Kong Tramway Ride!


The Hong Kong Tramways is one of the oldest form of transport in the Hong Kong Island.  Serving the city since 1904, it has been working for over 100th years! Mainly circulating the East and West side of the Island, the Tram is a cheap (only HK$2 per ride) and sometimes, a quick alternative when you only need travel a short distance!  
The missing google map for the HK Tramway as shown below.  You will be able to get a greater sense about the East to South Bound Tramway together with all 50 Station’s location!  As you can  see, it has basically covered most of the business and residential area inside the HK Island.

Click to See the Google Map Verison!

Click to See the Google Map Verison!



To hop on a tram, you will need to get on the Tram Platform.  Enter from at the end of the tram and get off and paid at when you exit the train at the front.  You could pay by the HK Octopus Card or coins at the coin box right next to the driver and its always HK$2!
One funny thing on a tram is…that on a tram, there is no reverse! So what do they do if a tram needs to go backward on the rail?  A front and a back driving cockpit! However, the rear cockpit is wide open and besides that you could acutally touch and see and feel how it feels like to drive a tram, the “Bell/Honk” is actually a working bell at all times! When I was smaller, I love to step on it and create that Bong Bong, Bong Bong sound, it had became one of the most tempting reason for me to take on a tram ride once….
During June 2008, Pauline and I decided to go on a tram exploration night!  We took from the furthest East side to the further West side of the Island. It took approximate 1 hour to complete the whole Journey.  Its been really fun for Pauline to LOOK around the area and I have had so much fun taking pictures!  Pictures can be seen at our photo album.
Happy Tram Riding! Feel Free to ask me for more info!