Ocean Park re-visit on April 19!

Since I have heard that when you visit Ocean Park on your exact day of birthday you will get a free park entry…. so on order to proof it, I have decided to take a half day off (anyhow ocean park is just 10 mins walk away from my office!) and try to claim my free visit!

In advance to get the best deal ever, I have asked my friend who is working in ocean park to get me a discounted ticket for Pauline! So we were able to get six hours of fun for just HK$90 each!!

First thing first…to visit the new Aquarium!

Giant Alaska Crab!
and Sting Ray!

Then we went to visit the Lazy Panda!  Wheres the Kung Fu Master?!?

 And my favorite Animal of all time! the Red Panda! They are so pretty and cute!

When people chose to ride horses….she picked the “sea”horse!

The new night show is a good way to end the day at the park. 😀

and we went to a outdoor stone grilling at Tsim Sha Tsui!

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Hong Kong Museum of History

So Pauline and I finally made it to visit the Hong Kong Museum of History!
It was much awesome than we first thought and we easily spent four hours in there!

4 hours of fun for only HK$10 (US$1.2) per admission,
who can ask for more?

The Ancient street of HK was fun and remarkable!

From stone age to fishing village to streets of the early
Hong Kong to world war 2 to the Hong Kong 1997 Handover!

The Japanese Occupation period,
the sad 3 years and 8 month that Hong Kongers will never forget

Typical convenience store in the 70s-80s

and there is still so much to see!! Please visit the album for more!
Picture Album for the Day

URL for The Hong Kong Museum of History


The Hong Kong Science Museum!

It was five o’clock when we parked the car, initially planned to go to the Hong Kong Museum of History…
but when we arrived to the place, we figured out that the places close at 6pm!
While the HK Science Museum is right opposite to the HK Museum of History, and while it closes at 9pm,
we decided to give up the history and go for the science! 

Real Dinosaur Skeleton!


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Fujifilm F100fd Continues…

Its been raining everyday here in Hong Kong and I have not had a chance to bring the new FujiFilm F100fd out for some fun….So today during my weekly routine trip to pick up my sister and Mom from the Mah Jong night with grandma, I took the camera out and hoping to try the night shooting ability of the camera.

Once and again, Handheld sitting on the driver’s seat, ISO 400, 1/10s with 3.3f

A night shot of the Central Pier, where people can still enjoy a ferry ride to from Hong Kong Central to Tsim Sha Tsui for HK$2.2 a ride!

Back to the camera, really got to love the Fuji Color! Amazingly sharp image that the Panasonic LX-2 had never given me! And cant wait to try it more more more!