Volkswagen Golf 6 Windshield Washer Pump Replacement

Volkswagen golf 6 windshield washer not working!

After 23,000km with my Golf 6, with numerous DSG firmware update,
a failed DSG Mechatronic and had the clutch replaced, theres finally something needs a fix…

YAY! The Windshield washer pump is dead!!
And so there’s a reason to play!

VW Hong Kong has gave me a quote of HK$2300 for the pump fix
and had me turned down immediately, thinking it had to be a very very fun
thing to fix it on my own!

409955100#10 is what we want to have it replaced!

IMG_1856End up this part VW Parts 1K6955651

First we need to jack up one side of the car… and made sure its safe and secure
IMG_1882It was about a 45-60mins fix and only one Torx screw driver need… Pink for the 4 Front Grill Screws,
8 screws behind the wheel arch, another 8 screws under under and around the bumper…

Pink – 4 Torx Screen to remove the front grill

After removing all the screws, start wiggle the one side of the bumper to unlock the plastic locks

Remember to undo the fog light and parking sensors cable…. and here we can see the
bottom of the windshield washer water tank!

IMG_1888There it goes to windshield washer pump!
Replace it and happy splashing water!


iPhone 4 screen replacement!

終於輪到我了! Moment of truth, 爆mon了

問佢地可唔可以淨係賣塊front panel 比我佢地都收我$450 (再加一個呸視既眼神!!)
有無攪錯!!! 決定唔係香港買, 上eBay算數…

iPhone 4 的 Motherboard + 無數好細好cute既connector…鏡頭,閃光燈,耳機,喇巴,vibrator,
home button, 電池, 前鏡頭, LED, digitalizer, LED Screen, wifi, bluetooth, signal receiver…統統拆下來了 😛

細到不能再細的螺絲 + 好多部件

大概用左45mins, 有online guide follow 住好好玩既情況下復原了!

Photo Album

係香港鋪頭買 人地要燈油火蠟, 我過九龍要幾粒鍾再加車錢
最後都係係eBay買Parts最平最抵….平均US$30就買到塊LED+Digitalizer+Front Screen

Happy Fixing!

iPhone Battery Replacement

Pauline has been reporting to me that the battery of her iPhone can last for 1/2 a day only… knowing that I was so excited because  it also means that there will be a chance for me to “Play”!

Tools ready, New Battery ready!

Opening it up!  There is numbering tag on each cable so its very easy to follow.

Tiny tiny tiny screws….look at the comparison with the micro sim card 😐

Can finally see the battery….

The battery was actually sticked to the phone with a double sided tapes only -_-

Yay! Putting everything back and the phone can last for one whole day again!

The whole process takes about 10-15 mins, not a really hard job but
everything has to be done really careful.

Only cost me HK$50 for the fix…
most importantly it was fun to DIY!

The MINI repair!

Having a 4 days long Easter Holiday, so I decided to do 
Fixing the Power Steering Pump, changing new Spark plugs, air filter!!

For those MINI owner might know, the Power Steering Fan will gets noisy after a while, and if you bring it back to the mechanic to have it fixed, they will charge you a unreasonable amount of money to fix it, for my mechanic, they asked for HK$1800 for the fix and so I decided to go DIY!

Power Steering Pump Fan Replacement Parts:
Original BMW# 32416781742
asking for only HK$870 from “Wa Luen” in Mong Kok!

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