Volkswagen Golf 6 Windshield Washer Pump Replacement

Volkswagen golf 6 windshield washer not working!

After 23,000km with my Golf 6, with numerous DSG firmware update,
a failed DSG Mechatronic and had the clutch replaced, theres finally something needs a fix…

YAY! The Windshield washer pump is dead!!
And so there’s a reason to play!

VW Hong Kong has gave me a quote of HK$2300 for the pump fix
and had me turned down immediately, thinking it had to be a very very fun
thing to fix it on my own!

409955100#10 is what we want to have it replaced!

IMG_1856End up this part VW Parts 1K6955651

First we need to jack up one side of the car… and made sure its safe and secure
IMG_1882It was about a 45-60mins fix and only one Torx screw driver need… Pink for the 4 Front Grill Screws,
8 screws behind the wheel arch, another 8 screws under under and around the bumper…

Pink – 4 Torx Screen to remove the front grill

After removing all the screws, start wiggle the one side of the bumper to unlock the plastic locks

Remember to undo the fog light and parking sensors cable…. and here we can see the
bottom of the windshield washer water tank!

IMG_1888There it goes to windshield washer pump!
Replace it and happy splashing water!



繼上次換完 MINI 隻前 brake 碟後, 今次又再黎過…

其實換brake 真係一D都唔難…最難就係拆隻碟
幾萬km 冷縮熱漲加埋生銹 隻碟基碟以經食實左個 hub

最佳工具 – 20lb 鎚一個…勁勁勁勁

上網搵好多video, 都係教人扑…總自用盡力喪扑就會鬆
一拆一裝無做漏野就ok 😛
換上新碟, 裝返個對brake皮…

順便內外洗埋隻個轆…, 攪掂!