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好喜歡係機場Duty Free shop買野, 又平D, 不停試味都無人會煩我…
一試之下就喜歡這個氣味, 心知Pauline一定會喜歡就馬上買了

再發現尼個Natalie Portman很吸引很美麗的廣告,

再送你地一個 making of…好睇極了!

Oasis Spa – Phuket

The Oasis spa was my treat to Pauline as part of our Anniversary plan 🙂
Since both of us are very much outdoor person, I found the Oasis Spa that has open air spa rooms
and it sure will be the perfect choice for her and for me!
Raise and shine!
Since it is about 30 mins away from the busy Patong area, we have to take about a 700baht
tuk tuk ride to the Oasis Spa at Baron Beach area.
(tips: be sure to have the spa location map and the Phone number with you, those tuk tuk driver may not know the location well enough…!)
Filling up the information for our personal preference!
Our spa room!  We have chosen the “Paradise of Oasis” package,
they have provided us with a very good deal when we arrive, it was a buy one get one free deal!
Pauline enjoying the open air ambience :
We liked the outdoor spa and it feels so good with the open air and sun!
It was a 4 hours spa session that comes with a stream, scrub, facial, body wrap and body massage!
Since our spa session is between lunch, Oasis spa has offered us a
simple yet delicious egg sandwich meal with chilled honey drinks!
After all, Pauline and I think the place was really nice and sure we will come back soon!
More Information:

Phuket Mini Golf Challange #5

Ever since the suspension of my “homepage.mac.com/andrewkwan” by Apple, the blog has been quiet for a while…
its kinda depressing when you see all the pictures that I host was lost, causing a major discouragement!

Anyhow, I am back because I met people who read our blog and cheered me up! *Thumbs Up!*


So this is the 5th Mini Golf Challenge among me and Pauline!
The “Dinopark” Mini Golf is location at the Maria Phuket Resort at Karon Beach.

Here’s some pictures of the night 🙂

There is a bar and restaurant outside the Mini Golf Park
With a Baby Elephant for you to feed and take pictures!

The Park Entrance! It opens till 2400 so its a perfect thing to do after dinner!

The dinosaur mini golf park was very well designed, with lots of interesting yet challenging holes!

All the dinosaur are real and was tagged so that you will actually learn while playing.

Pauline got the ball in the hole after entering the dino’s tummy!

With volcano flames once in a while, setting up a realistic scene!

So heres the score card…..Pauline being Score 47 and me 54! Pauline won again!

Afterall, The Mini Golf park was really nice, highly recommended if you had enough of the night scene of Phuket!

More information can be found here:

Pictures album for the night 🙂

Imperfect GF, Imperfect scarf :)

Our 3rd Xmas, would like to send more love than ever, since we’re not able to be together this year. 🙂 something that cannot be bought.

So, sneakily went for some knitting classes, sitting among aunties most of the time, for some hours practicing with the teacher and everyone else, all for the sake of trying to knit a scarf for Andrew, hoping to surprise him! My first sample work, was so ugly (with holes and lousy stitches) that i really doubt what would turned out of my final work. Oops.

But oh well, after two months of careful knitting (alright, i’m very slow and too careful to check every row as i knit), this is the final product, my first knitted scarf! and it arrived to Andrew on time, on Xmas! 🙂

Merry Xmas, my dear. Although, it’s as imperfect as me, but i’m sure you can feel the love in it, really hope you like it. 🙂