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Andrew19 Apr

Aries Boy


Pauline5 Dec

Sagittarius Girl


Friends tried to hook them up on 27 Dec 2004 via msn when he was in US and she was in Singapore, two cities far apart. Nevertheless, they easily became friends and spent hours, nights and days chatting about everything under the sun, anything at all. It was incredibly amazing how much chemistry they had together and had always knew, even when they are miles apart. Until Nov 2006, she decided to travel to Hong Kong for holiday with her two besties and met him there as he is back to his hometown at that time. They met in person for the first time, having dinner with our friends,etc. From that day onwards, things started to take a change, and everything started to fall into place. Eventually, they got together on 27 Jan 2007 when he came to Singapore. Everything has been really sweet and lovely since then.

and from here onwards, their love stories goes on.

“Writing our history with our hearts, Penning hearts with words in our blog”