Sai Kung Sai Wan Camping – 西灣露營

2012 每年一露營終於係西灣完成!
Finally we made it to camp at Sai Kung Sai Wan!

Finally we felt that our 30-35L backpack is too small!

We parked our car at 3pm Pak Tam Chung,
took a cab to Sai Wan Ting and slowly walked for 40 mins and arrived
the beach at 4pm!
Then we took a break at:
海灣茶座 Oriental Restaurant & Bar

And we start pinching the tent on the left sided beach of Sai Wan, then
we prepare for dinner!

We had pan friend steak with grilled fresh tomatoes! We had the steak
frozen the night before so it is thawed perfectly when its dinner time!

The one and only toilet at Sai Wan.  You can actually borrow toliets f

Oriental Cafe at night, I asked the shop and they usually open till 11-12am on weekdays.
After dinner, walking around the beach, stargazing and chit chatting and went to zzz under the sea breeze!

8am, Rise and shine! We had 2 giant cervellata sausage and tomatoes and egg for breakfast!

And we start packing after breakfast!
Oriental Cafe in the morning! People relaxing and its very nice to sit there chilling.
Then we found a lot of starfish hiding under the sand!  Don’t they looks like
Honey Stars Cereal??

We found over 30s of them!
We throw them back to the sea after this picture 🙂
and we got a crab too!

How to get there:
1) Drive directly to Bak Tam Chung Parking Lot (Free parking, but space are very limited)
and then take a taxi to “Sai Wan Ting” (Sai Wan Pavilion), it is going to be a HK$45 ride.
and follow the map and walk for 30-45mins

2) Take Mini Bus # 29R from Sai Kung Town Center which will terminates at “Sai Wan Ting”
(Sai Wan Pavilion) and follow the map and walk for 30-45mins

Mini Bus 29R Timetable


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