Day visit the Museum of Costal Defence

So here we go continue covering all the museums of Hong Kong! And this is the

Museum of Coastal Defence!


How to get there/information:

Parking available at the entrance of the museum, but space is very very limited…
we were able to a spot and I guess its because we arrived there at 3pm…while only 2 hours left before the
museum close!


This is such a beautiful place by the coast line of Sau Kei Wan,
the East side of Hong Kong Island.

The place was originally a fort during the world war,
it was once a very important battlefield in the 1940s.

Cant actually believe that these heavy duty tanks was once working for HK…

covering materials of from the 600-year history of coastal defense, the place could
easily spend you half a day with the cost of HK$10 admission!

Ever wonder the history of the Murray House in Stanley?
here you can get the answer!

Theres a lot more to see than my pictures can tell


My Personal favorite/recommended/must see goes to the temporary exhibit:
“Escape from Hong Kong: The Road to Waichow”

“On Christmas Day 1941, within hours of Hong Kong’s surrender to the Japanese,
a group of 68 British and Chinese officers and men made a daring night-time escape by sea,
breaking through the enemy’s encirclement and landing on the coast of mainland China…”

The exhibits  goes on to show where the escape and how they travelled;
who helped them on their way; and how they eventually reached safety.


The temp exhibits ends March 2013 so don’t miss it out!


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