Dung Ping Chau – 東平洲

My dad has always wanted to go to the new Hong Kong Geopark,
since Uncle and Auntie #2 is in Hong Kong, he decided to bring us all there!
Mom, Dad, Uncle & Auntie #2, Auntie #5, Michael, Pang Pang, Karen and me!
There is only one Ferry to go Dung Ping Chau on Sat and Sunday at 9am……9am!

So we have to wake up at 7:30am, and have the car parked at HK Science and Technology Park
(Parking is really cheap there, approx HK$50 for 8 hours of parking).  It was 10-15mins walk from the
parking lot to Ma Liu Shui Pier.

funny Uncle #2

Beautiful cliffs, lots of sea creatures can be found!


Overall it is a very very easy trail with lots to see.
7km of trail is packed with lots of stunning scenes.

There is only one food (sometimes 2) stall on the island.  So I would suggest packing
your own lunch and picnic on site! It will be very enjoyable!


More information:
Hong Kong Geopark Official Website


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