The Mini Cooper R50 Power Window Fix

Symptom: Driver’s side window is not working,
only clicking sound was being heard while pressing the window button…

With Mini’s Right window lifting motor stopped working, I have googled everywhere and seemed like there is 3 method of fixing it….
1) Change of window motor


Part 2 on this picture…. bwm parts # 67626955876 will literally cost US$120 for the part itself, seems to be the last resort for me.

2) WD-40 Spraying it and wait…..


passive fixing method is so not my style

Method 3) a Massive Kick!


This seemed to be a easy fix and it fits my style!
So I took off the door panel and give it a massive kicked on the red circled area.
bam! and the window is back to working condition!

Happy Kicking!


3 thoughts on “The Mini Cooper R50 Power Window Fix

  1. I have a 2004 MINI COOPER S with the drivers side window suffering the same problem. I used a large rubber hammer, and with one blow fixed the prblem.

    I have a MINI COOPER manual by Bentley Publishers that has an eletrical wiring diagram, pages ELE-243 & ELE-244 showing what appears to be a (HOME or UP)
    Limit switch in the normall closed position. If those contacts are dirty due to corrosion and do not make the motor will not get power. I suspect the blow right behind the motor re-made the contacts. I’m curious as to how long this fix will last

    I’m going to drive with the door panel off for a while. Thanks Mike

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