Similan Island Snorkel Tour – 斯米蘭群島 – Phuket Thailand

After much decision with Pauline, we decided to go a bit further away from Patong the best Snorkeling experience!
Part of the reason is that the Similan Island only opens from November to May, given that the rest of the year there will be no visitor.

Similan Island is rated one of the top ten diving site in the world according the the National Geographic Society.
It is approximate 2.5 hours land and sea travel away from Patong and it consist of nine islands.

The trip was about $4000baht for 2 person with all transport, breakfast and lunch,
We will be picked up from the hotel and be send back to the hotel at 7pm!

We were being picked up from the hotel at 6:30am and send to the Tap Lamu Pier.
Tea/coffee and snacks were provided while we were waiting other tour member to arrive 🙂
It was about 1 hour 15 mins ride from our hotel…

We were then briefed about the tour and safety issues before we head on the speed boat.
This tour guide was so funny that he had made the boring demonstration so funny!

So this is our speed boat and we have arrived Ba Ngu Island (Island #9)

View of the island from the speedboat!

Oops, sorry for the waterdrop on the lens 😛

Colorful fishing can be seen easier at the shoreline!

There is a camping site on island #9!

Lots and lots of Beautiful coral fish!

Then we had picnic at Island #5, I think… The pineapples were really nice!

More snorkel…

😛 We were hungry when we got back to town at 7pm, so I got a Banana Nutella pancake for snack!


After all, the trip was awesome! Even though we had to spend like 5 hours travel back and forth the island,
but there sure is enough time for snorkel and relaxation at the beach!


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