Oasis Spa – Phuket

The Oasis spa was my treat to Pauline as part of our Anniversary plan 🙂
Since both of us are very much outdoor person, I found the Oasis Spa that has open air spa rooms
and it sure will be the perfect choice for her and for me!
Raise and shine!
Since it is about 30 mins away from the busy Patong area, we have to take about a 700baht
tuk tuk ride to the Oasis Spa at Baron Beach area.
(tips: be sure to have the spa location map and the Phone number with you, those tuk tuk driver may not know the location well enough…!)
Filling up the information for our personal preference!
Our spa room!  We have chosen the “Paradise of Oasis” package,
they have provided us with a very good deal when we arrive, it was a buy one get one free deal!
Pauline enjoying the open air ambience :
We liked the outdoor spa and it feels so good with the open air and sun!
It was a 4 hours spa session that comes with a stream, scrub, facial, body wrap and body massage!
Since our spa session is between lunch, Oasis spa has offered us a
simple yet delicious egg sandwich meal with chilled honey drinks!
After all, Pauline and I think the place was really nice and sure we will come back soon!
More Information:

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