Phuket Mini Golf Challange #5

Ever since the suspension of my “” by Apple, the blog has been quiet for a while…
its kinda depressing when you see all the pictures that I host was lost, causing a major discouragement!

Anyhow, I am back because I met people who read our blog and cheered me up! *Thumbs Up!*


So this is the 5th Mini Golf Challenge among me and Pauline!
The “Dinopark” Mini Golf is location at the Maria Phuket Resort at Karon Beach.

Here’s some pictures of the night 🙂

There is a bar and restaurant outside the Mini Golf Park
With a Baby Elephant for you to feed and take pictures!

The Park Entrance! It opens till 2400 so its a perfect thing to do after dinner!

The dinosaur mini golf park was very well designed, with lots of interesting yet challenging holes!

All the dinosaur are real and was tagged so that you will actually learn while playing.

Pauline got the ball in the hole after entering the dino’s tummy!

With volcano flames once in a while, setting up a realistic scene!

So heres the score card…..Pauline being Score 47 and me 54! Pauline won again!

Afterall, The Mini Golf park was really nice, highly recommended if you had enough of the night scene of Phuket!

More information can be found here:

Pictures album for the night 🙂


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