Cleaning Day!

Post #77

Getting Ready for the Summer, I have decided to clean all the computers dust for the best cooling possible!

Opening up the MacBook Pro is easy, just unscrew the 6 philips screw at the bottom of the machine….
And theres a fan blowing at some sort of heatsink…something that I have not seen on earlier mac!

Now is the turn for Karen’s MacBook…..its not as complicated as all previous iBook but you still gotta unscrew
15 screws to do so… blowing cleaning the fan area sure will surprise you how much dust has been trapped in there!!!!

I follow the instructions here . sure comes very handy when you have to open up a macintosh!

By Cleaning the machine once in a while, they sure can perform better and a longer life!
Lets get ready for summer 😀 !

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