Imperfect GF, Imperfect scarf :)

Our 3rd Xmas, would like to send more love than ever, since we’re not able to be together this year. 🙂 something that cannot be bought.

So, sneakily went for some knitting classes, sitting among aunties most of the time, for some hours practicing with the teacher and everyone else, all for the sake of trying to knit a scarf for Andrew, hoping to surprise him! My first sample work, was so ugly (with holes and lousy stitches) that i really doubt what would turned out of my final work. Oops.

But oh well, after two months of careful knitting (alright, i’m very slow and too careful to check every row as i knit), this is the final product, my first knitted scarf! and it arrived to Andrew on time, on Xmas! 🙂

Merry Xmas, my dear. Although, it’s as imperfect as me, but i’m sure you can feel the love in it, really hope you like it. 🙂


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