Honda Jazz Rear Bearing Fix!

Its as easy as 1 2 3 when you have all the tools ready!

1) Take of the wheel!

Then Take off the cap, underneath it is the giant 30mm nut that we want to unscrew...

Screwing in the two 8mmx1.25mm screw to "push" the drum cover out

Heres the rear bearing hub

Yay, this is the new one!

With the use of the giant 30mm Socket, we took off the nut and here is the bare drum brake

Fitting the new bearing hub! Undo all the steps and have fun!

Tools needed

1) Flat Screwdriver
2) 30mm  socket
3) Two 8mm x 1.25mm screws ( for pushing the drum brake out) Click here on how to read a Screw Thread
4) Some anti-rust lubricant, WD-40 makes a good choice in here 🙂
5) And of course, a new pair of rear bearing assembly, Honda Parts # 42200-SEL-T01

Love helping and learning to DIY stuff, always got something new learn!
Even though it might end up not be as “money saving” as you might thought, but you got all the fun to yourself!


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