Brunch with Sally at the Peak!

Since Sally decided not to see us at the airport (Reason was that she rather spend more
quality time with her family), we went for a decent brunch with her!

Picked the Pearl on the Peak for the day’s event,
The Peak, being one of her favorite place to go, this restaurant
comes with a 270 degree view of the HK city landscape thru the floor to ceiling windows,
It was really nice and comfortable to sit and chill!

Justin was late and the one who took this picture!

Toasted Garlic for the bread/croissant served

Risotto with seafood/prawns with saffron

Pan fried seabass with zucchini

Char-grilled Burger with potato wedges

Being one of the 251 reviewed restaurant from he Michelin Guide to Hong Kong and Macau,
oh well, couldn’t have expect much… to be truthful,  The food is good, the waiters takes good care of everything as well.  I could only say that I am satisfied for the price paid,
approximate HK$250 per head, with a drink, a main dish, a dessert, all served with best view of Hong Kong!

More pictures at:


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