The Battle of the Prawns

It’s our Prawning Night fun!

Preparation of the Battle of the Prawns Night!

Ever since, our last night prawning the last time, we’ve learnt that the chicken liver that the shop offers as bait does not work as well. Thus, this time, we decided to prepare our own baits!

Andrew having some difficult time trying to pry open the fresh cockles for the 1st time.. and it’s so bloody that it was quite disgusting and stinky.. 😐 Eewwww…

Our Baits

Left: Live baby catfish                                   Right: Fresh Cockles

Oh yes, we gotta poke the baits through the fishing hook even if it’s alive and swimming!

The Fishing Pond

There is so many people around prawning at wee hours of the night. We spent like 3 hours with 2 rods for SG$60. If there are any unused time, could always use it the next time. 🙂

The Prawning Challengers

Our Catch

Yea! We caught 27 fresh live prawns in all with our new baits!

What to do next?

Poke the live prawns into sticks and BBQ them immediately!


yummy!! 😀

We ate them all up at 3am, after 3 hours of night prawning. It was very fun and satisfying. 😉

so much so, we decided that Prawning would be one of our annual activity too! Let’s target for more prawns next time round! ❤

More Pictures Here!

Location & Contacts:

Hai Bin U Enterprise
Prawn Fishing in Bishan Singapore
603, Sin Ming Avenue
Singapore 575735
Tel/Fax: +65-6554-1986

Operating hours: 24/7



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