My 1st Wakeboarding! :D

It’s a sport that i’ve always wanted to try..

and i’m so glad i did on Saturday morning. It was so fun! 😀 would pretty love to do more of it and learn wakeboarding!

The group of girls!

Look at expert Karen go! She makes wakeboarding look extremely easy 😛

face is smiling so widely too!

instructor getting me into the right posture before my 1st try in the water

Tried the wakeboard with the shoes attached… but no luck on standing up.. keeps falling into the water and drink so much salt water..

After trying and trying, next try on the wakeboard alone without the shoes, and did my 1st stand up!

Seems easier on this board, since there is lesser restriction on the feet on the board to balance. 🙂

the 1st stand up using the board without the shoes attached!

Only thing is… my whole body is aching so badly today!!!! *sob*

More Pictures Here!


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