My Birthday Seoul trip!

So the day has finally come and off we go to Seoul!
The Cathay flight was at 9:30am…
thanks daddy for giving us the ride to the airport express station!


I was enjoying the Bolt movie and it was really fun to watch, i giggled and giggled until Pauline
got curious and switched her channel and watch it with me!

Landed on Icheon airport after 3.5 hrs ride!

 Since everyone has warned me about the communication problem
(Korean’s english are really bad…) so… Pauline and I started the adventure from here now!!!
Icheon International Airport


We took the hotel shuttle and it was another 1hr ride to get to the
Hotel Sofitel Ambassador 

It was fairly easy to find the limousine bus and all we did is to tell the counter (located all over the airport)
where we going, and they will tell us where to go and which line to take. Fast and Easy!


The bus line was run by Korean Airline, called the KAL Limousine.
It cost about US$13 a ride per person.

Hotel Sofitel Ambassador – Our Stay 🙂

The hotel was tidy and neat, with helpful staff and nicely located around major shopping areas.
Walking distance to 3 of the Metro Station as well!


2 thoughts on “My Birthday Seoul trip!

  1. i saw “bolt” on the plane too!
    and my friends thought i went crazy coz i kept chuckling to myself…haha

    the hotel room looks nice! (or is it just becoz of your supreme photography skills??) =p

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