The MINI Maintenance!

Having me to go to “Wa Luen” to get the fan for Mini, 
thinking that its about time to change the spark plugs too…so is the air filter, oil, and
hmm, raining season is approaching, why not pair of new blades too? 😛

The new Bosch +4 Yttrium plugs!

Having my own hands on the Mini is always fun and interesting!

Special tool for the spark plugs

The old old dirty plug...


Blink blink shinny new plugs!

Found a little rust with the clean it up with WD-40!

New and old air filter comparison!

Installing the new bosch blades 😛




More pictures of the day: 

Youtube video on how to install spark plugs:

Bosch +4 Super Plus
Spark Plug Parts # FGR 7 DQP+



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