Surprise Getaway to Bintan! 印尼民丹島兩天遊!

So I got this special request from Pauline to reserve a Sat and Sunday for her during my sg visit on the 27th Feb, knowing that she must had somewhere in mind so I agreed with her over the phone 🙂 And so….here we go to Bintan!! Never been there and sure is an exciting experience for me!

After an hour ride, we visited Indonesia, and ofcoz, I will need to apply for the travel visa! Its a 7 day Visa and it could about US$15!!!

The resort bus was waiting for us when we arrive 🙂 So we just hop in and go!

It was another 15 mins ride and then we arrived.  We welcoming dance and drinks!

Well…basically the stuff we do over the next 36 hours we were just playing at the beach/pool, eating, sleeping and enjoying ourselves!

Day 2 and breakfast!!!

hahaha, silly girl 😛


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