Shen Hang and Aileen’s Wedding

Been busy with 2 weddings over the weekend! Both of them are my cousins, both father’s side, but one is being called the 堂哥 (Adrian) and the other one, being my dad’s sister’s son, I have to call him 表弟 (Shen Han). And since I have not taken any pictures for Adrian.  According to 大讓細’s logic, I am going to blog about Shen Han’s wedding first!

Shen Han’s mom was married to Singapore and Shen Han was born and work in Singapore,so the wedding sure held in Singapore!
The Day after Adrian’s wedding, My Mom, Dad and I took the morning flight on Sunday to catch the wedding dinner of Aileen and Shen Han.

The wedding was help in the Singapore Four Season’s Hotel.  A really nice place for the wedding!


The wedding dinner was really nice and sweet.  Shan Han did a really good job at the speech and had planned everything really fun for every guest to enjoy. I am proud of you!

The “Serve Tea” Ceremony held 2 days after the wedding cause Mom and Dad wasn’t able to attend it on the exact day!


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