My Christmas Present :D

My 2008 Christmas Present... a new Badminton Racket!
My 2008 Christmas Present… sweet pink & white Badminton Racket!

 Thanks to my Dear Darling Boy, Andrew that i’m able to spend Xmas in Hong Kong with him :*) as he got the air tix for me to fly to hk for the 2nd time this month 🙂 , which is already the best Xmas gift i could have.

Adding to that, he also got me a Badminton Racket for Xmas! It’s pretty in white & pink, with ‘P’ initial on it too (supposedly to be the brand name). He has also made early arrangements to have our 1st Badminton session together at Stanley Sport Center on Xmas afternoon itself. 😀 And of cause, we had lotsa fun playing there.. 

After all the badminton fun, off we went to Stanley streets for a walk and for some cosy warm drink in the cold winter day. 

Streets of Stanley

and while looking for our drink.. i found mine! *giggles*

He is My Cup Of Tea!

He is My Cup Of Tea! :*)

 To end off the day, we went to the peak where he showed me his discovery of finding the tram station in the midway of the peak!. Could press the bell at the station for the tram to pick up from there tooo~ Cool

View from the Peak

View from the Peak


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