Macau Trip (Part 5 of 5)

With the lucky money from the Casino, we decided to go for a great decent Portuguese dinner!

The 官也街 area…A place worth to visit in the day time and its the perfect place for snacking souvenirs!

However, before the dinner we went to the famous “Rua do Cunha” a.k.a. souvenir street (官也街, 又稱手信街) to buy some gift for Pauline’s family and nevertheless, Pauline’s favorite peanut candy from Kui Kee! (鉅記)!!

The 官也街 is basically a street in the site seeing area with 15+ shopping selling Macau local delicacy!
yummy yummy and Pauline’s favorite is the 鉅記’s peanut candy and she could eat and eat with her happy face 😛

This shop has a few outlets too…

After shopping for the Macau Delicacy, we headed to Restaurante Dumbo (小飛象餐廳) for our dinner.  It was just around the corner of 官也街 and it was still not so crowded at 7pm but when it was about 730, the place got really crowded!

This is the soup and salad we ordered.  It was just average but the veggie sure provide us
extra vitamins to live strong!

Potatos with Bacalhau (薯絲炒馬介休).  A very interesting dish that Pauline and I had never tried. Its the salted fish stir frying with some onions and green pepper together with some french fries! Grab a bite of the fish and the french fries for a really nice combo taste!!!

The other dish is a grilled rib eye steak, my top favourite choice for steak and I think I have made Pauline to get as addicted as me on Rib Eye 😛  This steak is abit salty but its a really good steak.  Tender and juicy and I would say for HK$110, its a very great deal for the money spent.

For your info, the bill was only HK$200.

More Photos here!

__________________Trip Wrap up__________________
________Words from Andrew______

Since its not peak season, the whole 2D1N is only about HK$2000 for 2 person!
(Well, special thanks to the casino :P)

It was really nice and we enjoyed it alot, I was finally being able to go to the lighthouse that turn out to be a great fun adventure with the zoo and the cable car!!

The slot machine was really fun, for my own experience, never expect anything from the casino. You win, its your luck. You lose, you gained the thrill!

__________________Trip Wrap up__________________
________Words from Pauline______

With special thanks to Andrew for planning and making the whole arrangements of our Macau trip, it was really enjoyable and easy for me again, as usual. 😛 He’s a good travel planner, i must say.

And with a bit of luck each time, we find something different in each place we go. This one was not an exception too! We’ve totally enjoyed ourselves on this adventure trip. The Venetian was really nice to stay! So comfy & pretty~~ Casino was exciting to play, that is, when u win $. We could even find fun in a small park, and find weird cable car & animals at a corner. Most important of all, it’s the companion that matters!!!

Anyways, while dining at Macau, we spotted this white-haired man across the table with NIKON camera hanging ard his neck… doesn’t that resemble someone?! I think he’s gonna look exactly like him in 50 years time. *giggles*


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