Macau Trip (Part 4 of 5)

Last night we were playing at The Venetian Macao Casino with the complimentary HKD$100 and lost all of it 😐 So today we decided to have some fun Casino Hopping to explore a bit and try our luck on the slots machines~ 😛

1st, we went to Plaza Casino @ Four Seasons Hotel, but didn’t make any $, so we hop hop hop to MGM Grand Macau and played on more slot machines… still no luck. The place was quite pretty on the other side of the casino, so we took some pictures.

Some picture taking sessions in MGM Grand Macau

Earlier on in some casino (I think its Wynn), we saw one guy betting on two tables concurrently and clapping very loudly on every game, win or lose, he claps and i believed it’s to boost his own morale. Sighing transmits negative energy and Clapping certainly will create some positive energy and boost some morale! So we decided to boost our own morale too.. *giggles*

Next stop, Wynn Macau Casino.

Off we went to look for our ‘lion’ slot machine to play on, and on every bet, we CLAP CLAP, then it goes DING DING DING and we $_$!  YAY!!!

Yay! Finally we won some money and it break us even now~~

Happily Hop Hop Hop, we went to Grand Lisboa Casino.

This one is a bit weird and kinda ‘Cheena’, they even had a center stage performance of cabaret show. A lot of 怪伯伯 is just standing there watching the woman dancing in bare butts. Anyways, we went looking for our ‘lion’ slot machine again,  we CLAP CLAP CLAP it went DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING non-stop with one button and it won us…

using HKD$40 to win HKD$439!!


That will cover us with a free nice dinner tonight! hehehe!

Click here for More Pictures!!


Casino Quick Review:

The Venetian Macao Casino: Biggest and Grandest, loved this one the most! 🙂

Plaza Casino @ The Four Seasons Hotel: Newest but the smallest of those we visited in this trip, very quiet too. It’s not worth visiting.

MGM Grand Macau Casino: Relatively pretty as well, quite neutral.

Wynn Macau Casino: Well, this one gives me good vibes cause both times we’ve visited it, both times we won $! 😛

Grand Lisboa Casino: Very ‘Chinese’ kind of design, we don’t like the design of the casino and it builds the whole casino in different floors. Has a center stage with performance of cabaret show as mentioned above. But oh well, pretty or not, we won the most here.



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