Macau Trip (Part 3 of 5)

I have been wanting to go visit the Lighthouse for over 15 years.  Never had the chance nor the guys are never interested to it.  Anyhow, what can be better to visit it for the very first time with my Pauline??
Even Better!!!

东望洋灯塔 (Farol da Guia) and the Offical Landmark of Macau

Ok…so heres a brief description about the place. The Light tower is built on the tallest mountain in Macau. It is the official landmark of Macau and it is surrounded by the 松山公園.

For more info, please visit its wiki page

For about HK$40 taxi ride from Venetian, the first thing that we see is the weather observatory of Macau!

When there is a tropical cyclone (Typhoon) hitting Macau, they will hoist these signal to alarm people to get prepared! If I am not wrong, there is five Levels of warning (Left to Right) 1, 3, 8, 9, 10 respectively.

Pauline with the Typhoon 8 (doesnt it looks like a christmas tree :P) and me with the strongest, Typhoon 10!

Right above the observatory, its the lighthouse!!
Finally, finally! Me on the tallest mountain in Macau!

Right next to the light tower, is the 17th century chapel called 聖母雪地殿教堂 (Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Guia)

For more info about the Chapel, Please Click

Pauline and I took a snap inside the chapel

After that, we decided to walk downhill and thats the real fun parts begin!!
We found a cable car ride station in Macau!

It is about HK$2 per ride but it looks really primitive….and right next to the cable car, we had some silly fun with…..

This! –>  <<–
As show in Part 2.5 of 5

After giggling and even more pictures about the place, we continue to walk downhill and found a mini Zoo!! Guess what….a black bear in Macau!

Together with some monkies, some birds, a turtle and a breast feeding mother…

We ended the park and go on with our casino Hopping as shown in Part 4!!!

More Pictures HERE 


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