Pierce Chicken

Finally! Finally got the chance to try the Pierce Chicken in Central!

Pierce Chicken, emphasizing their high quality chicken,
no trans fat and a various of batter for their fried chicken!  

We tried:

Honey Dipt 4 Piece Friend Chicken
—–Highly recommended!! —– 
Yummy and Juicy! The chicken itself taste really nice! Juicy but not oily. 
It is the kind of aroma that you would want to let it keep with you 
for another hour 😛

It comes with 4 piece and even the chicken breast are
really really juicy and tender!

Very nice too, but I think its abit over priced and
if you give me some good quality chicken, I could do the same job too… 

Maple Chippotle Glazed WingSations
Pauline and I liked it more than the Wing-Zings, its baked with Maple
and its was sweet and exotic! 

Chicken Ring Things
I think this is just so so, I would rather have fries or onion rings… 

Sprite Zero and Steaz’s Green Tea Soda
The Grape Green Tea Soda was yummy! It was a great compliment 
with the Chicken and it sure feels good drinking it 😀




Only Problem with the shop:
the oil/smoky smell in the shop are really strong,
our clothing got that smoky smell after a long day!! 


(LEFT) Copy cat with the same color clothing tone (AGAIN!!!) WHO COPY WHO? 
(RIGHT) The shops outside Pierce Chicken… 


 34B Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong

Official Web Site:



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