Ngong Ping 360/ 昂坪360半天遊

We have finally made it to the Ngong Ping 360!
This time, we took the Skyrail, visted the Ngong Ping Market place, Giant Buddha 
and the Dai Hung Temple, then head back to Citygate Outlets for a 
quick shopping and dinner! 

Hahaha…funny picture taken by the Skyrail shop!

The Start:

Our meeting point and at the entrance in Tung Chung!
It was 2pm and the queue wasn’t long at all, I think the best timing to get it 
about 2-3pm! 


The HK International Airport and the surround view from the Skyrail!

And there we arrived Ngong Ping Market place after 23mins ride!
The cow was survived mostly because no meat were eaten in the Temple!

And we went straight to see the World’s Largest Outdoor Buddha!
400 Steps up and it was easier than I thought! 

We paid HK$23 to get inside the buddha! But no pictures were allowed…
Anyhow…it does not really worth the pay….I would say 😛 


Then We went to visit the Dai Hung Temple (大雄寶殿)right next to the buddha entrance!


And we had some vegetarian food there 😛 Fried noodle, sweet tofu dessert and some 
chinese cakes!

More touring and the inside of the temple..


And then its time to go!


Back to Citygate Outlet mall and we went to Siam Thai restaurant for Dinner!

—- More Pictures at my photo album —-


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