The San Katong Laksa Steamboat

First of all, I would like to clarify that “Steamboat” and “Hotpot” are basically the same stuff….while Singapore likes to use the word steamboat, Hong Kong has been commonly called it hotpot 🙂 Pauline and I calls it “SteamPot”

2 of us were so hungry after a day at the Zoo!!

So finally I got a chance to try to San Katong steamboat laksa in Singapore! It was my treat for Auntie Helen’s birthday and since none of us had tried the Laksa Steampot, Pauline and I decided to go for it all together!

The place and the “Yin/Yang” Pot that we have.
Basically its the Laksa on one side and clear broth on the side half of the pot.
Realised that I have not taken much picture of the food! hahaha, oh well…
Very basic stuff offered from them. Beef, pork, fish, chicken, mushrooms and
and large varieties of balls!

The very cute Salmon fish Cake! and Its yummy! I ate like 4 of those 😛

When you ask me for the taste… Since Pauline and I were spoiled by the far more interesting and yummier hotpot in Hong Kong, the San Katong Laksa seemed to be a bit flat.  Not that its not yummy but when  you have the huge comparison between the 2……

When there is Laksa noodle, generally they will be serving Otak, yummy fish paste wrapped with banana leaf and grilled to perfection!

Generally its still worth going and the price has been really reasonable.  A great place for a fun and filling dinner!!

Shop Address:
San Katong Laska Steamboat
404 telok blangah road, tel:62757069


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