The Kerry Lake Egret Nature Park

Up for visiting is The Kerry Lake Egret Nature Park (嘉里白鷺湖互動中心)! We found this place by accident and found it really interesting to hang out there for the next time.

Together with a nice “looking” restaurant, a BBQ area, some animals, some specialty gift shop, some plants and the pond for boats and water bicycle, I am sure Pauline and I would love to spend another day there!

Been lazy to describle, so I am going to Quote from the official website:

“Introduction With an entirely new concept in leisure life and education, the Kerry Lake Egret Nature Park aims to provide healthy and educational leisure activities to the Hong Kong public of every age and background, from toddlers to senior citizens, from school children to working adults. Nestled in Tai Po Kau Village, this exceptional green oasis features splendid natural beauty. Set in 23 acres of diversified habitats with abundant wildlife, more than three quarters of the Kerry Lake Egret Nature Park are left undeveloped. These areas include a mangrove swamp, a lagoon, streams, fresh water ponds and nature woodland. The famous Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve is only 4 minutes walk from the Park, and is a prime site for watching woodland birds in Hong Kong. A variety of innovative programmes have been designed for different groups of people. For example: families, elderly centres, corporations and schools. Our experienced, friendly and jovial staff of these programmes should inscribe fond memories in your heart for years to come.”


2 Hung Lam Drive, Tai Po Kau, N.T. Hong Kong

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