Planning for Our Batam Trip! (Part 2)

Continuing from Our Batam Trip Planning Part 1 …. This is Part 2!!

(More Information to be Updated)


1)   Movies – 21CinePlex Theatres

  • MEGAXII Theatre- Mega Mall Shopping Centre
  • STUDIO Theatre – Nagoya Mall Shopping Centre

Information: Batam Movie Screenings, Click Here
Cost: about SGD$4/HKD$21 per ticket

2)   Sea Sports / Land Sports

  • Parasailing @ near Harris : – SGD$30/HKD$162 for 8 min
  • Jetski @ near Harris:- Cost SGD$45/HKD$243 for 20 mins for 2 pax
  • ATV @ Harris: – SGD$12/HKD$65 for 10 mins (recommended to wear covered shoes)
  • Go-Kart @ Harris: – SGD$12/HKD$65 for 10 mins
  • Cycling – SGD$5.00/HKD$27 per hour/per bike

3)   Massages & Spa

  • Laguna Spa & Massage

Location: abt 5mins walk from the new Nagoya Hill Shopping Center
Cost: estimate 2.5hr Spa for SGD$37.50/HKD$203 (Rp250000) for Massage, Steambath, Scrub, Body mask & Milk bath in VIP room

  • Tiara Mustika

Location: Batam Centre


1)   Megamall

A&W, Hypermart, J&Co doughnuts, tidbits, groceries, Mandi Lulur (highly raved product)

2)   Nagoya

A&W, Hypermart, J&Co doughnuts, tidbits, groceries, Mandi Lulur (highly raved product
note: Nagoya to Megamall about 20 mins cab ride

3)   BCS Shopping centre (more for locals)

@ Nagoya – consists of small shops which sells variety stuff like clothes, bag, shoes, etc..a supermarket, bowling, alot of eating place, and across the road there is one massage place called UNIVERSAL, SGD$12/HKD$65 for 2 hour body massage (reviews not known).

Note: Nothing much except Converse/Puma/Toiletries which are quite cheap


1)   ABC Kueh Lapis @ Waterfront Ferry Terminal

Cost: 1.2kg Original Flavor @ S$13 only

2)   Golden Prawn 555 @ Bengkong Laut

Relatively much cheaper than in Singapore for Seafood Dinner

3)   933

for Seafood Dinner


Take cabs that got e “TAXI” label on top. (There are private cabs, but more unsafe)

Estimated Fares:

From Harris provide free shuttle to Nagoya Hill.
From Harris to Megamall – abt SGD$10/HKD$54 (abt 40 mins cab ride)
From Megamall actually there is a free bus shuttle to Nagoya city every 30 minutes (can travel batam centre – nagoya, free and very safe), but stops at selected hotels.
From Nagoya shopping centre to Golden Prawn = SGD$8/HKD$43 (60000 Rupiah)
From Nagoya to Megamall – abt SGD$4/HKD$22 (30000 Rupiah)
From Waterfront Terminal to Megamall – abt SGD$6/HKD$38 (50000 rupiah)

Other Helpful Links

(Indonesia Rupiahs to Singapore Dollars/Hong Kong Dollars)

  • Other links …
Note: Information accurate as of July 2008
Information is planned with regards to our Stay in Harris Batam

7 thoughts on “Planning for Our Batam Trip! (Part 2)

  1. can i ask for the Laguna Spa & Massage, do we need to pre-book them? Is it usually veri crowded? Do they do massage for guys as well?

  2. we’ve never tried that, we’ve only tried the spa within Harris Resort itself.
    I’ve heard from forums that u’d need to call and book appointment for Laguna Spa & Massage before you go there though.

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