Pauline and her Macbook!


Its almost a year since I got Pauline the MacBook for her graduation gift 🙂 It is her first Mac and she loved it since day 1!

 With iChat, Pauline and I were able to do full screen video conferencing (We had alot of fun with it while we were playing our Wifi NDS games.  The wide screen made it a frill to watch her favorite online video, iPhoto and iMovie allowsher to create photo and video fun and easy too!  

Most important of all…. the white color matches my girl so much!


One thought on “Pauline and her Macbook!

  1. O yes! 🙂 It was a surprise gift that came by plane, all the way from hk. Ever since i got such a ultra miserable time with my Window laptop, it shutdown itself and crashes on me on several accounts on my crucial FYP project period.
    Andrew has been worried and very heartache about my misery, and him being usual thoughtful, thinks i would certainly need this. 😛 and so, it is my graduation gift 😛

    Simple love Mac. seriously never wanna go back to Windows.
    Now iChat has remote window sharing too and! Mac has plenty other very cool features… V(*O*)V

    and white seriously is the colour i love. matches my purple & pink room. heehee.

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