Benefit of playing squash?

Been always thinking that playing badminton are sissy….
thin racquet

Anyhow I play badminton quite often because its a good hangout sports with friends and most of them are willing to play together because of the air-conditioned venue!


Justin ready for my challenge 😛


Recently, Justin and I started to pick up squash again and it was really enjoyable.  Not only its so much more easy to book a court for play, its is also cheaper than badminton and we could normally make the night sport  meeting decision as late as late afternoon!  And yes, talking about that, the HK Gov 一站通 (HK one-stop Portal) web is really something that I have to praise 🙂  Easy to use and we could easily make reservations to all sporting center while sitting comfortably in from the the monitor.

at last……less sissy feeling while enjoying sports indoor is what we are looking for 😛


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