Benefit of a Cold Water Bath?

Finally its really starts to get hot here in Hong Kong!  Besides a cold drink, sitting inside an air-conditioned room, a cold water bath is one of my favorite way to cool myself down! So…while I was enjoying my after work shower today, I was thinking to myself and wonder if there is any physical benefit to a body for taking a cold water bath! While hot shower bath can makes a person sleep better, a cold water bath re-vital a hot and tired body!

So i googled….and notice that actually people in sports do that to boost the body to recover and refuel faster! The reason it that…

Erm….just to make this post more interesting 😛



Its because cold water causes your blood vessels to tighten and drains the blood out of your muscle, and when you are done with the shower, your muscle will fill up with fresh blood with nutrients and you will get a freshened up feeling!

Happy showering!




3 thoughts on “Benefit of a Cold Water Bath?

  1. -_-” reminds me of the cold outdoor shower at camping place we go in winter.. the coldest bath i took… just like ice water lorr….. BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRR……

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