One of my favorite beach – Turtle Cove Beach 龜背灣

Turtle Cove Beach, (龜背灣) is a cute little beach in Hong Kong! Not a very big beach and you could be able to walk from left to right of the beach within 5 minutes.  To me, its like a hidden treasure on the southern side of Hong Kong.  Due to its location (The lack of public transportation, 200-300 stairs downhill walk before reaching the beach), it has never been a popular beach!  However, because of this, Parking is relatively easy on a hot summer day!


(Click On the Map for Google Map Locations)

How to get there:

From Stanley, Driving towards Shek O and make a right turn towards Red Hill Peninsular.  The beach is along side Tai Tam Road and you should be able to see the road sign.

Facilities: Life guards, Barbeque area, vending machine, washing and changing area available there!

Official HK Water Quality

Tips for beaches: Try to avoid going to the beaches after heavy rain! Dirts from the land will be washed and drain towards the sea and may have polluted the water.


3 thoughts on “One of my favorite beach – Turtle Cove Beach 龜背灣

  1. I was an american living in the townhouse up from the beach while they were being built in 1971. My brother and i would take the hidden path down to the beach past the old gun enplacements, pass the family living in the pillbox on the beach to swim and play football. It looks even better in your pictures. I see ice cream. my first day as a little kid from America all that I could get was “candied pig snout”. talk about culture shock. You had to go to big wave beach to get ice cream at the beach.

  2. wow tom, thanks for the sharing. I have never knew about the hidden path, is it on the left or right of the beach (say when we r on the beach facing the sea)?

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