The Apple Macintosh Color Classic!

My First Macintosh!

The Apple Color Classic was my first PC since 1993! I was at the age of 13 and I picked it because of my dear cousin Adrian!  He has always been my first product review expert, giving me great opinions! Ever since than, I have been using the Macintosh until now 😛

The flying toaster screen saver, the mono tone DONG, the Keyboard game, the mouse practice game, the Jigsaw Puzzle, ResEdit, FirstClass BBS, Netscape!

Color Classic

Color Classic

Heres the “Interesting” Specification:
9″ Viewable Sony Trinitron Monitor
Supporting resolutions of 512 x 384 pixels
Motorola 16MHz 68030 CPU with 68882 FPU
8MB RAM with 1mb ROM
256kb Video
1 Floppy Disk Drive
Build in Microphone
And it was sold for US$1400 at that time!
Apple LaserWriter 300

Apple LaserWriter 300

Together with the Color Classic, the Apple LaserWriter 300 was my first printer too! I have done alot of school works with it and it was really stunning at that time!
Teleport 14.4K Modem

Teleport 14.4K Modem

My first modem, a 14.4K modem from Global Village!
Its called the Teleport and it was sold for US$300!
It is a pleasure remembering about the good old Color Classic! And its not only me that has the special feeling towards it! Over the world there are a lot of Color Classic Fans and they are still doing a plenty of stuff for it!  Say:
Mac Mini into the Color Classic
Get Naked with your Color Classic Post!
Because of that 😛  I am still keeping the Color Classic with me and it is still working!
Heres a few interesting links towards the Color Classic!


One thought on “The Apple Macintosh Color Classic!

  1. Hi I am just selling our colour classic II and couldn’t remember whether global village modem related to it – I no longer have this but have the discs – can someone buying it still get hold of one do you think?

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