Durian Fever

Tonight, Karen delivered some Durians to my place as her dad had went to pick more Durians! It’s really yummy~ We enjoyed it very much. Thx so much, Girl! 😀

We’ve been eating a LOT of durians this month. It is ‘The Durian Season’, so at this period of time, you could find many different wonderful types of Durians with the best quality than any time of the year. Concidentally, there’s this article on the StraitsTimes newspaper today, discussing about the types of Durian. So while eating the Durians, we were trying to deduce which type is it by the tatse of it?!

(click on article to view whole pix)

Bert, Ai & i think it’s XO Durian. Not sure if we’re correct. :p

Durians are very subjective. It’s either you LOVE it, or HATE it. as simple as that.

Those who dislikes it, can’t stand the smell of it even when its 10,000 miles away, which they called it pungent. Those who likes it, simply adore the fragrance of it! hate = pungent, love = fragrance

The smell of durian are so overpowering, and totally overwhelmed us now. The whole house is filled with just that one smell, even behind closed doors. hee! For us (except sister Pat), it’s heavenly kind of smell.

Andrew loves Durians too! My dear boy, quick hurry here for it while it is in season. I’m sure u’ll enjoy it! 🙂


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