The Flying Pan

Boy knows how much i always love breakfast! and i really do a lot!

So he brought me to “The Flying Pan”, Hong Kong’s first 24-hour breakfast diner, for breakfast at lunch hour time~ Yeaaahhhhh~~

The Flying Pan

Wow.. must be thinking… what should i eat, what should i eat, should i eat this better, or that better, i wanna try this, i wanna try that too… oh dear 😛

The breakfast girlThe breakfast boy

and we got our breakfast-lunch!

Salmon egg benedict with grilled potatos & baked beans, Steak egg benedict with salad & grids

Salmon Egg BenedictSteak Egg Benedict

it’s actually quite yummy, and have a wide range of menu choices. But we still prefer Jaspas for Egg Benedict!

This is The Flying Pan’s menu for reference.

9 Old Bailey Street, 
Central, Hong Kong


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