CWB mission

CauseWay Bay (CWB) Mission

Busy Streets of HK

My planned misssion is to have CauseWay Bay expedition on my own. Had never done it alone before, as Boy had been always with me, and had been dependent on him 😛 And still not too clear how to take public transport except for the MTR, which is the easiest of all, as they hav plenty of transport means from Mini-Bus (being my fav), Big Bus, MTR, Cab and the Tram, etc

So just for today, he can set his heart out on work for the day, not interrupting his work and not worry about me being bored.

But still, Boy is worried abt me getting lost somehow with public transport and way around. So he decided to pick me up for lunch together and then drive me there. And being the usual thoughtful and careful-planning him, he passed me a printed map of the area, highlight the areas that is more interesting to explore, and equipped me with an extra phone to call him. hee!

makes me sound like i am going to a far far far away place 😛

CWB Map & Boy's extra mobile

and as i walk around shopping and looking at the streets shops, it had been really fun and time just flew past. So i snap snap snap some pictures with my phone as i walk, like any other tourist around!

my favourite mini-bus! why? cos it’s fast & furious. In Boy’s term, reckless & dangerous. haha…


Our favourite Fast Food Burgers Place. Freshness Burger.

Yummy Corn soup and really juicy cheeseburgers!

Freshness Burger

Big ‘Delay No More’ Mall. Not yet been inside, wanna go the next time 🙂

Boy said, they called it ‘Delay No More’ cause it sounds like ‘丢你老媽’ (Cantonese). Cool~


When it drizzles, took a short break at starbucks and have my favourite ice mocha frappacino & lemon lemington cake!

and soon enuff, expedition ended when Boy got off work and picked me back home for dinner.

Though CWB mission alone, shopping alone can be fun. Still, of cos i preferred shopping with my boy, so much fun with him, knowing he enjoys shopping as much as i do!

After dinner.. there is another expedition of Ours 😛 What next?!!!


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