Boy’s 28th Birthday (Day 1)

Day 1

Today marks my Boy’s 28th Birthday!

andrew 28th bday

i’ve had some little surprises for him for his birthday days here in sg 😛 from our mini-road trip car in sg, annoying brightly lited cake, garden picnic trip, relaxed dinner to night prawning today!

Day 1

The 1st surprise of the day started at the strike of his bday midnight, he got a shock that we’ve to make him drive himself and us home after his touch-down, with the rented mini-car i’ve got for our own little ‘road trip’ in sg during his stay here!

Ooops, when i say mini-car, it’s not entirely the real MINI car of cos, it’s a car that is mini in size *giggles* Sorry sweetheart, no 2-door cars 😛

I would say he had already knew how to drive his way back from Changi Airport to Home, as we’ve been on that road so many times to and fro for flights

Andrew's 27th Birthday Cake

2nd surprise of the day, he has got his birthday cake once he stepped home

NYDC’s mochamisu cake, with lited all 28 small candles 😛

that is, of cos, his notti girl’s notti doing. *bleah*

The early next morning, after preparing picnic food for our brunch, we set out driving to Botanical Gardens, equipped with just a street directory and his ‘pre-planned’ sticky notes on the wind screen of our car~

Andrew Driving

SG driving directions

picnic menu was with ebi sushi, potato croquette, terriyaki beef wrapped with golden mushrooms, salad, jelly and his diet coke in fancy champagne cups 😛

It was a nice walk around the park and nice picnic with companion of little friends of the mother nature.

Weather was so sunny and warm, we had to head home for a nice shower and get changed for our next birthday dinner destination in the evening – One Rochester @ Rochester Park. Entirely away from the city crowd, we had outdoor al-fresco dining with lush greenery (again) with colonial feel buildings. It was really dark, with only candle-lited on our tables, thus we’re not able to take any pictures except for just this one, of us! 🙂

27 Birthday Dinner

and if u think the day has ended just here, u are so wrong.

The next destination is our Night Prawning

1st Night PrawningAt first we head to Jurong, but decided to head back to Bishan’s Lakeside Prawning place due to the crowd. Armed with chicken liver as bait, fishing rods and later on, even live tadpoles as bait!! We had caught 12 big prawns in 2 hours with the Four of us – us with She Min and Pat 🙂 And immediately had it bbq just beside the fishing pond, eating the yummy prawns all up before heading back home for our slumber late at night at 3am. hee. The bday boy has caught the BIGGEST prawn of the day, and some even pregnant ones like these!

It was quite yummy! and really fun!

The Fishing BoyPreg Prawn

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