Our 2nd Valentines’ Day (Day 4)

Day 4


We had breakfast at the hotel before checking out, and again, while having breakfast, the girl was trying to move the poach egg from my plate to his plate…. and…. oops! dropped it on the table! (again)

“It’s normal la~” he said. -___________-” giving the 很無奈 face.

After all that, we head to the Boh Tea Farm, which the other day the one we visited doesn’t seem to be the one we planned to go! And off we went to drive on the twirly twirly roads around the hills of tea plantation. To our dismay, the sign read ‘Closed on Monday’. Oh great~ Anyways, we stopped by the narrow road to take the pretty views of tea, tea and more tea leaves, so so so much greenery. We had so much greenery, and almost had enough of it already.

Next stop, to the Honey Bee Farm! Are they the places that breeds the girl, ‘Bee’, the boy’s ‘Honey’? *giggles* We had a cup of warm honey before we leave the place and brought back some of their honey too.

Darling at bee farmwe at bee farm

It’s almost time to go get ready to head back to the real world now, no more greenery, enough of it already! So off we go, and this time he chose to drive back by the new road to KL.

The notti boy messing around and secretly took a pix while i fell aslp on the long ride back!!! notti!


Since we have a tiny weeny bit of time left (which we thought), we head to the heart of KL city, the KL iconic Shopping place, KLCC. We spent the next crazy 20 mins, taking pictures there and rushing to pick one souvenir, to remember the place by, and to claim we have already been there! 😛 It was really hilarious running around the big building, like some gameshow, trying to complete some kind of mission, and we couldn’t stop giggling all the way.

We at KL

Finally, we rush off back to our car and Zooooom all the way back to KLIA airport to return the car and get on our flight that is supposed to be taking off at 7.50pm, which we were supposed to check in at least 45mins before flight, BUT we only reached KLIA at 7.10pm and then only to our UTTER SHOCK, we found out that we have went to the wrong airport for our flight!!! It’s supposed to be in KL LCCT airport not KLIA airport, which is like 20 mins away!!!!!! 😦

When we reached there, we were late for the boarding time and not allowed to board the plane 😦

It has been my fault for this horrid mistake, as i’m the one who settled the tix but had not taken note of the airport details, but assumed that there is only ONE airport in KL 😥

In the end, we had to buy SIA flight tix back to SG from KL, so as not to miss his flight the next morning back home. The extra damaged cost us 325RM each :S

flight Kl home

On the flight home, we laughed about the whole episode. And about how every trip we had, would have so much ‘adventure’ like this, recalling every weird, funny, special moments we had, and realising how much we have gone through in just one year. We had funny, unusual incidents from missing the train, missing the bus and going in circles, once, twice, thrice around sentosa, missing the boat back in Krabi, and now missing our flight in KL, etc etc.

So what’s next, my dear? Always ready for some adventure of our own? 😀

and when we just thought we could finally end the night and go zzz as soon as we got home….

We missed dad’s ride back home and already got onto another cab back… and… -____________-” our taxi driver actually fell asleep while driving, i didn’t noticed until drew told me he heard him SNORE! and then the car went wavey wavey one the road with his eyes closed!! and the next 5 mins, he was splashing water on his own face to try himself awake. That was some scary ride home. :S

my boy had been very patient with me. Honestly, this is a really big mistake i made this time, yet he didn’t show any unhappiness at it or me, yet he smile and hug me, telling me everything is ok and tried to make me smile. 😛 This really meant so super duper much to me, i felt so touched by him, his love, the love i feel from him. 🙂 and am always glad for having him~
love u, sweetheart. :*)

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