Laksa Review #3 – Blk 928 Yishun Laksa

Boy’s 3rd try of Laksa.

For $2.20/$3 each bowl, there is fair amount of ingredients, fishcakes, crabsticks, cockles, dried tofu, usually served in disposable bowls and utensils. Definitely worth the price for the quantity.

It was also introduced in SG’s food show 排排站查查看2.

This place is actually nearer to my home, and actually had been eating Laksa from here since in High School days, it’s a nearby comfort Laksa food for me when i’m craving for one.

Though, still uncomparable with Laksa #2, but for the price, quantity and quality, it’s actually quite a good Laksa already, especially if added its sambal chilli paste in it to add the spicyness (for those who can take spicy-ness). Gravy is not the super rich milky type, it is fragrant with lots of galangal ginger bits and dried shrimp, thus it’s better than the most normal Laksa around. Due to all these aspect there is always a queue for this 928 Laksa eatery, the only downside is they have very limited seats to eat-in. For quick comfort to satisy some Laksa craving, i would visit here again. So, would rate it 7.5/10

Andrew actually has not much memory of this one, so we can figure, it’s not as outstanding comparing to Laksa #2 🙂 We actually miss the latter.

Laksa 叻沙
Blk 928 Yishun Central #01-155
Tue to Sun 11am to 7pm
(Mon closed)


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