Our 2nd Valentines’ Day (Day 3)

Day 3

Wakie wakie!!

We had some local food from a risky-looking local eatery
Ch eateryCValley

And then we head to another famous tea plantation area, called Cameron Valley. After that, we head for a walk on a trail in search for the Parit Waterfalls. We found it, but didn’t even know until we got back home 😛

trailParit WF

and then explored other hotel areas, with plenty of flowers, then the Rose Garden, SO MANY flowers too!! and climb up up up to see them!



and more n more plants and flowers as we climb up~~ him enjoying his photo-taking…


Next Stop: Strawberry farm!! yeah!! the girl wanna pluck some yummy strawberry home! They all look red, juicy and cutsie cute and fun to pick them ourselves!!


The boy tried to eat some while plucking them and….


and his face all cramped up, saying “酸到呀媽都唔認得!”

making me laugh so hard, looking at his reaction!! 哈哈哈哈哈!!!

We also visited the butterfly farm and saw a lot of creepy crawlers bugs. Some very ewwww looking, and making us feel like so itchy all over….. psychological effect. 😛

Lastly, we ended the night with yummy charcoal ‘steampot’!

SG ppl call this ‘steamboat’, HK ppl call this ‘hotpot’, so our very own term, we call it ‘steampot’!


It was Organic Vegetable ‘Steampot’ meal. Quite yummy and nowadays you dun get to see many of these charcoal kind already!

After the long long day, we went back to hotel to fix our own milk bath with real milk bought from the supermarket and eat our freshly plucked strawberries topped with his favorite whipped cream! 😀


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