Our 2nd Valentines’ Day (Day 2)

Day 2

At 6.30am, we finally reached Kuala Lumpur Sentral Railway Station. We took a cab to KLIA airport for breakfast and to collect our rented car from the car rental company in KLIA.

Andrew at KL railway stationItinerary

This is the start of our road trip from KL to Cameron Highlands! Boy estimated that it would take 3.5 hrs all the way to Cameron Highlands (CH)! Boy has prepared a booklet for our road trip, filled with details, map needed and full itinerary of activities we were planning to do!

At 9.30am, we took off with our car after enabling GPS on boy’s phone. Taking the old road to CH, it was more windy and narrow, but with this road we can stop by Lata Iskandar to view a waterfall that he had planned for a stop-by on the way to CH. On the way from KL, we stopped at a resting point for toilet break and for drinks and snack. The next stopping point would be at Lata Iskandar for some viewing at the waterfall~ 😀

At 1pm, we finally reached our hotel stay in Lakehouse in CH. We grabbed a Roti Tisu from a coffee store on the way to Boh Tea Farm, it was pretty yummy, biscuit-liked, crunchy with some sugar melted on it, dipped with some curry!


At Boh Tea Farm, we had a butter lemon cake, hotdog bun with tea before we continued to explore the place. We took some pictures on a ancient red big weighing machine for tea, bought some Boh Tea from the store. We climbed up a hill to the top viewing point to view the hills and hills of tea plantation.

Us on hill

At the Night Market, we had fun exploring and eating street food like some fried big prawns, fried beans, butter corn in a cup, fried carrot cake with veg and eggs. We got really excited when we smell the fragrant smell of durian and bought some for supper back to the hotel! for 1.5kg it cost RM$16 and its fruit filled two boxes for just two people. 😛 Even after all the street food, we still had to grab KFC, some yummy chicken breast and drumstick. Doesn’t that really sound like a LOT of food?! Anyways, both of us think that chicken in malaysia taste a bit more different, somehow more yummy, or is it cause we are sharing? Everything seems to taste much yummier when we share together. 🙂

carrotcakedurian at CHfried foodkfc

He really enjoyed eating those durians in the hotel but the girl got so sleepy and fell asleep on the bed in split seconds. Oops.

To my surprise, i was awoken for a prepared bubble bath, with my AMC movie, who could have guessed, Strawberry Shortcake Cartoon! Haha, that was my favorite childhood cartoon and Boy thinks the girl looks exactly like me. -_-“. Well, everything is so filled with love and I could enjoy my favorite cartoon in the tub!

How sweet could my boy be? :*)


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