Our 2nd Valentine’s Day (Day 1)

Day 1

For this year Valentines’ day, we decide to go to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia for a road trip, so this our 1st ‘Real’ Road Trip!

Train Ride

Boy has done most of the planning for this road trip, he has been very detailed, careful and extremely thoughtful while planning always. 😛 And for preparation before our road trip, he even prepared me a ‘Cameron Highland Essential Pack’, or so he named it. From card, to cute apple juice packs and plenty of yummy chocolate bites for the long ride there, and even a warmer to keep me warm when it gets too cold there! I got him something to keep him warm too! We have the same thoughts again . . .

We took MRT from Khatib to Kranji, then Bus CW1 & 170 to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. Had dinner at Sushi King, City Plaza Shopping Centre which is 10 mins walking distance from the JB customs.

Opposite City Plaza SC, is Johor Bahru Railway station. From here, we board our 1st Choo Choo Train Ride from Johor Bahru (JB) to Kuala Lumpar (KL). The train was late for 15 mins and only arrived at 10.30pm. It was an 8hr overnight train ride and reaches KL at 6.30am the following morning.

This is the Railway Train Station in JB!

JB Train Station

Well, in this generation, of cos the train is not steam locomotive that really goes ‘Choo Choo!!!’, like we wished. In these modern days, this is only an electric locomotive, but somehow i’ve got some man-made ‘Choo Choo’ sound effect when the trains goes off. Ha Ha Ha. We stayed in the cool air-con cabin for two in the train for more comfort, fully furnished with TV, cabinets, toilet, basin, shower, double-bed, seats, etc. There is also a cabin in the train that is the ‘cafe’ for the train passengers to buy food & drinks and sit in the cafe cabin.

That’s us in our bed cabin! 😀

In JB TrainTrain ToiletTrain TVtrain bed

We’re generally excited about the whole train experience on this trip as this is both our 1st time on a railway train. It was a little rocky at some part of the journey, and we were hoping to see a lot of scenery with animals, etc on the way, but there wasn’t much to see, except their different kind of buildings, housing, stations and surrounding along the way. It was really neat lying in bed and viewing the sky, stars and land as the train travel towards KL.

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