Dempsey Hill’s Durian

Shiro looks like he wants a piece of Durian too!!!

Boy Opening Durian

Shemin had helped buy us durian home from Dempsey Hill after we had dinner there the same night. Boy had the chance of 1st time opening real durians by himself, as usually they sell these in boxes in hk.

So they 3 of us ate 3 whole durian up ourselves 😛 and he learnt the old chinese beliefs way to counteract the ‘heaty-ness’ of the fruit, which is to pour salt water into the empty shell of the fruit after the pulp has been consumed and drink it. haha.. i’ve no idea how true is it, actually. But no harm doing that to prevent getting sick anyways. 😛


2 thoughts on “Dempsey Hill’s Durian

  1. Oh yea, thats the place that I could eat the durian freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely 😛

    Not needed to worry about others, enjoying the creamy durian sure a real pleasure!!

    Since I am the only one in the family who being lucky enough to be able to accept the unique smell of a durian, I have no experience on what to do before or after eating a durian 😛 Sure something new learnt everyday 😀

  2. *giggles*

    On the contrary, my whole family loves durian except for Pat. So i’m sure we will have plenty of chances for more Durians later on 😉

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