Girl’s 25th Birthday (Day 5)

Day 5

This day, we joined another mini-tour to the Emerald Lagoon with Hot Spring, Crystal Pool and the Tiger Cave!

hot spring!

After a 1 hr mini-van ride, we had to walked some distance into the jungle with the group, and there is our 1st stop, the natural HOT SPRING! It’s warm and very clear waters…


Soon, we took another ride to our 2nd stop, and headed for the CRYSTAL POOL!

The water looks like very clear, very emerald colour! and it’s natural too~ very pretty looking~

The 3rd and last tour stop is the TIGER CAVE, it’s behind this temple, some walking into the jungle… They don’t allow clothes that bear shoulders, so had to cover myself with a shawl..

There is a very huge old tree in the jungle.. so big that the boy look extremely tiny standing next to it… and it’s only just the roots of the tree~

the monkeys are hugging each other… so cute looking…


In the pretty evening, we had our dinner at Krabi Town at Eden, dining in the roof-top area 🙂

and not forgetting, buying some mango pancake for our desert!

It’s almost time to head back to Singapore. Home Sweet Home!


and they say, there is nothing much to do in Krabi?! We find so much fun and activities and couldn’t get enough of it, we’ll revisit this place again together sometime later, aren’t we, darling? 😛

GoodBye Krabi!! We’ll miss you!!

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