Girl’s 25th Birthday (Day 4)

Day 4

Today is Girl’s 25th Birthday!


We woke up for breakfast in the resort, and went back for some resting before we head out for lunch again! and we had thai local food at the place called ‘Aree Ba Ba’.

Heading to Ao nang beach, we took the tailboat there to Railey again too! 😀 The weather is so hot n sunny and we needed to have a drink, and they have ‘tailboat cafes’ selling food and drinks too!

tailboat drink

and there we are again….. to the beach with the penis temple!

penis templesandpenis

The notti boy got so ‘inspired’ by the temple that he decided to make a sand………… penis -_-” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

After much fooling ard, he made me a sand birthday cake too! topped with shells the girl had picked from the beach… ta dah! He even caught a tiny crab for the girl at the beach!!!


We spent so much time catching and playing with the crab we caught… until we realized that we missed our time! our boat ticket is at 6.30pm and it’s the last boat back!! Ohhh noooo…

As we reach the pier… we saw our boat sailing away from us at a distance!!! -______-” WE MISSED OUR BOAT!

It took us quite a while to negotiate to get a boat back… we had to share the cost of the whole boat with another Caucasian couple, so we don’t have to wait for too long to go back. The boy seems like quite panic to go back to our resort as soon as possible.. hmmm… and the girl has no idea why..


Until….Taking tuk tuk back to the resort… for…. all his birthday surprise for the girl!!! 😀

Stepping in our room, the girl was so surprised! There were roses and petals on the bed, with a letter from the resort… saying *giggles*..

and outside the room area, there is a large banner greeting ‘Happy Birthday’ with a very sweet-looking cake! there was also a warm milk bath set up with flower petals, lining my sawadee ducks at the side of the bath tub! 😀 wooooowww.. feeling so sweet and surprised by the arrangements made by him! 😀 really loved it… and the milk bath is really comfy :*)


We had dinner at ‘Blue Mango’ Restaurant later in the night at Krabi town area. 🙂

Blue Mangobluemango


and we ended the day with a nice game of mini-golf! It was really fun… and *giggles* the birthday girl won!!!




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