Girl’s 25th Birthday (Day 3)

Day 3

Today, we joined a mini-tour by the locals to bring us to ‘Hong Island’ for canoe-ing and more snorkling and it’s really fun!!! 😀

We were at the pier waiting for our boat to arrive …


Our 1st stop is called the “Paradise Island”. Very clear waters too! and we went for some snorkel and play with the fishes in the waters… they are all swimming around our legs… so cute!

us at paradise islandParadise Islandfishplay

the next stop is “Rai Island”, we had mini-picnic lunch there and had a bit of time exploring and playing at this beach too~ The water is so blue…. 😀 When it is low tide, the path will show and these two island actually connects together! The picture shown below…

Rai Islandboyatrai

After that, we eventually headed to “Hong Island”. Time for some canoe fun!!

Hong Island

The tide is so rough, and we being the 1st timers are lagging behind our team, but we had so much fun rowing around the whole of hong island, and looking at the caves, and even row through the cave! it’s fun fun fun~~


weatlagoonand then there was a time-out break from canoe, as we did a short stop-by in the lagoon inside of Hong Island~ Boy’s shirt was totally soaked and he complained that it’s because the girl have been splashing a lot of water on him and his seat as she rowed in front of him…. Ooooooopsie


and we continued with our canoe journey … and boy is he trying very hard… while girl relaxing… hahaha…and we saw one of the famous island named the “Chicken Island” cos its shape is similiar to a  chicken!


We got really tired by the time we finished out canoeing, so we spent the rest of the time, suntanning in the sun and more snorkeling at Hong Island and continued to feed the fishes!!! Woaaahhhhh~~



and it’s definitely so much more fun holding hands together while snorkeling~~

* * * * * *

tubThis is our villa, a different setting than the one we got from the 1st day! 🙂



Finally we have some nice local thai dinner and ice cream to wrapped up our wonderful day!

Saaaaawaaaadeeee Ducks waiting me in the outdoor tup!!!!!



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